Dead Target Mod APK (v4,72,0) For Android


Dead Target Mod APK (v4.72.0) Download For Android. If you’re serious about killing zombies, download Dead Target Mod APK - Unlimited diamonds, money and gold today! Pack up your bags and head into battle as you defend humanity from zombies.
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Nov 20, 2021
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Dead Target Mod APK (v4.72.0) Download For Android


If you’re serious about killing zombies, download Dead Target Mod APK – Unlimited diamonds, money and gold today! Pack up your bags and head into battle as you defend humanity from zombies.

Dead Target Mod APK – Zombie Shooting

Zombie shooting games have long been popular on the Google Play Store. There is exciting as they allow players to kill as many zombies as they can in one game. While there have been plenty of zombie mobile games now, people are still playing them because they’re simply fun!

There’s nothing more adrenaline-pumping than a game that lets you kill as many zombies as you can. With Dead Target, you can become the only hope of humankind as you eliminate many zombies.

In this popular game from VNG Game Studios, you’ll play in the year 2040, where zombies have overrun the world. Now, it’s up to you and a team of snipers to save humanity from destruction.

In this game, you can equip many weapons like handguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and many more. You’re free to enjoy many weapons today like Colt 1911, Scorpion, Uzi, Winchester, RMGT 870, and many more. Fight plenty of zombies right now.

Fight Endless Zombies

If you’re someone who loves to play zombie games, you can enjoy so many amazing ones today. There have been zombie games available ever since zombies have been popularized in many movies and shows.

Today, you can enjoy plenty of titles like Plants Vs. Zombies, Zombie Tsunami, Zombie Catchers, Flat Zombies, Mow Zombies, Zombie Shop, Into the Dead, Unkilled, Dead Trigger, Zombie Fire, and many others more. If you’re someone who’s looking for a 3D zombie shooting game, try Dead Target now!

Zombie games have been everywhere these past years. You can enjoy plenty of them right now since they can be downloaded easily. The most common zombie games are shooting ones where you can fight against endless hordes of zombies.

These games are popular because there are a lot of players who love shooting and survival games. If you’re someone who loves playing zombie games, then Dead Target is the best one to try today. Here, you’re able to fight against many types of zombies in various locations!

In this game, you can enjoy unique guns from over 50 available ones right now. These guns include Lupara, KSG, Bren, Lewis, Minigun, Crossbow, Brain-Mill, Grenade Launcher, Winchester, Enfield 303, and many more. You can enjoy many types of weapons to use here, from pistols to shotguns to sniper rifles.

Feel free to enjoy many levels where you need to kill zombies and complete objectives. This game is in 3D so that you can enjoy the cinematic and immersive experience. Fight your way through endless hordes of zombies today and enjoy!

Dead Target Capabilities

Zombie games are everywhere! Try Dead Target and save humanity from zombies that are infesting the lands.

Exciting zombie shooter – If you’re someone who loves to fight against plenty of zombies, then you can enjoy zombie games today. These are games that test your capability to fight against zombies!

You’re free to download so many zombie games in various genres like shooting, puzzle, RPG, and action. But if you’re someone who wants to enjoy the classic 3D shooting zombie games, then Dead Target is the game for you. In this game, you must save humanity from the zombies!

It’s the future, and you’re now part of the team that lets you take on plenty of zombies today! Here, you’re able to fight against plenty of zombies that will try to run to you. You must use your skills, wits, and incredible reaction speeds to eliminate all the zombies that come to you.

Here, you can enjoy many types of weapons that you can use, from pistols to shotguns to even grenade launchers! There are many unique weapons you can unlock through the Battle Pass that you can purchase. Fight many types of zombies in various locations now!

Unlock powerful weapons – If you’re someone who loves zombie shooting games, one of the main reasons why you love them is the weapons! Thankfully, you can enjoy plenty of weapons to choose from in Dead Target. There are all sorts of weapons that you can enjoy here, like submachine guns, rifles, handguns, machine guns, shotguns, assault rifles, and many more.

You can then use ones like Colt 1911, Walther P99, Scorpion, Alien Gun, Uzi, Colt M4, Winchester, Enfield 303, RMGT 870, Striker, KSG, Bren, Lewis, and more. There are even unique weapons like Chainsaw, Brain-Mill, Crossbow, and Grenade Launcher.

Battle pass – If you avail of the Battle Pass, you can enjoy more guns and items that you can unlock. With every level you complete in the game, you can enjoy many skins, guns, and other limited items here!       

Plenty of levels and locations – There are so many levels and areas that you can enjoy in this game. Although you can’t move from your site as you want, you’re able to look around and fight plenty of zombies in here.

There are so many amazing fights that can be ensured when you’re playing this game. Enjoy the intense battles at the subways, roads, bridges, and plenty of locations today.

Leaderboards – You can also compete in the leaderboards today as you fight plenty of zombies. Fight against plenty of zombies and show off your insane skills now to the world. Feel free to climb the leaderboards and score as many points as you can per level today.

Detailed graphics – With Dead Target, you’re able to enjoy detailed graphics in 3D. The controls are easy to master as you don’t need to move in here.

You’ll only focus on aiming and shooting the zombies. You’re free to shoot using the buttons on the left, reload and use your fist to fight zombies that are getting closer.

How To Install Dead Target Mod APK

  • Using Chrome, download the dead target mod apk latest version record from in your Android device.
  • Go to Android’s Phone Security Settings.
  • Select Allow Install Apps From Unknown Sources from the menu.
  • Now open the File Manager and double-click on the APK record you simply downloaded.
  • Sit lower back and wait for the set up to finish.


Any model of the utility may be downloaded immediately from the third-celebration website. You can get entry to the programme information for maximum variations and down load them based in your requirements.

Unlike the Play Store, downloading is immediate, and there’s no want to wait for the review procedure, etc.

There is an APK record in your memory card/system memory while you down load it. As a result, you could uninstall and reinstall them more than one times while not having to download anything.


Google does not commonly evaluation programmes downloaded from third-party sources. As a result, it has the capability to damage your phone, but that is uncommon.

In uncommon circumstances, APK documents may also contain viruses that steal data out of your phone or reason damage on your phone. Because your apps do not commonly have access to the Google Play Store, they won’t replace automatically.


Dead target mod apk latest version is a fantastic android software program. After analyzing this evaluation, you need to have all your questions answered. Now you can download and use this app with all the current features.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

What is an APK file, exactly?

Ans: An Android package kit (abbreviated APK) is a file layout for dispensing and putting in mobile packages this is utilized by the Android running machine. Android, like a Windows (PC) machine, employs an EXE file to put in software program.

Q: When I install an APK from, can I update the Dead Target Mod APK from the Google Play Store?

Yes, with out a doubt. After putting in the software program from, you could update it via Google Play.

Q: Why does the Dead Target Mod APK require permission to run on Android?

Ans: Some of your device’s structures call for get entry to through packages. You’ll be recommended of all of the permissions required to perform an app while you set up it.

Q: Is downloading Dead Target Mod APK from safe?

Yes, downloading from ApkApps.Org is completely risk-free.


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