Carrom Board Mod Apk & Disc Pool Game

Carrom Board Mod Apk & Disc Pool Game Download For Android is a sport-based tabletop & carrom board disc games of Indian version of pool disk game . Don’t miss out on this fun and relaxing carrom games!
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January 8, 2021
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Carrom Board Mod Apk & Disc Pool Game Download For Android


Carrom Board Mod Apk is a sport-based tabletop & carrom board disc game of the Indian version of pool disk game. Don’t miss out on these fun and relaxing carrom games!

Carrom Board is a real-time, family-friendly, online carrom board game that will revive your childhood memories. play the World’s best carrom board games & be a carrom star. Create a carrom club & be a king of online carrom disc games.

Carrom or Karrom or carrom, an Indian version of pool disk or pool billiards or carom billiards or billiards City, play billiards games with cross-platform multiplayer and pot all the coins before your opponent to win!

For ages, you could easily identify playing a carrom board game by families, including children and at the social platform. Carrom Board is an exact replica of your favorite childhood carrom game you can play it digitally now and with more ease. All you need is to aim & release striker & to drop pucks in pockets.

It is a free-to-play classic carrom board king game with a concept similar to pool and shuffleboard. karambit games come with customization options allowing players to personalize their carrom board games by choosing from 6 different boards, pucks, and striker in care board. You will also find smooth controls and realistic physics in the world Carrom Pro game.

Connect with Facebook.Like an old school, you can play carrom board online game anywhere and anytime with your own Friends as well..! Exciting isn’t it?
You can invite, challenge, and compete with your friends in a carom pool game.

Carrom Board Mod Apk or carom friends game has in total 3 modes. So, nothing can refrain you from playing this most loved cream pool game ever even if there is no internet or WiFi connection.

Carrom Mode: Careme board is more like a classic board carrom pool disk game of carroms, where you must pocket the queen and cover it with one of your pucks in a carrom dice pool.

Carrom online game also goes by different names & variations in different regions like dub too, tōkyūban, Novus.

This mode allows you to play carrom board without a queen, so you can straight away pocket all your pucks and win the carrom games.

2 vs 2 modes: A multiplayer mode where two teams of two players will play against each other as a carrom board disc game.

Play Offline: You can play this mode even if you don’t have the internet or WiFi connection. you can play carrom bod game with our AI throughout 3 levels i.e. Easy, Medium & Hard.

If you have ever thought about playing carrom games a real table, Carrom Board is the perfect way to pick your favorite carrom poll game.

* Play in 8 different lobbies – Delhi, Riyadh, Dubai, Las Vegas, Singapore, London, Sydney & Mumbai.
* Choose to play carrom games from 4 different modes. Practice mode, Allows playing in offline mode, 2vs2 mode.
* Language supported – English.

Carrom Board – Pool Disk Game Rules:
A striker within the baseline must touch both the front line and the rear line. If a striker pockets the Queen and/or one or more pieces of her own color, the player retrieves the striker. When a player pockets the Queen but does not cover it, the Queen is returned on the carom board or carrom board.

A game in which two players hit pucks & balls into holes at the edges of a table using a long stick called a cue similar to a pool ball. Pool & ludo is similar to snooker and billiards but is played on a smaller table like 3d pool games.9 Ball Pool is an online and mobile-based billiard-themed room pool simulation sports & board Kerem pool game.

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Download Now Carrom Board Mod Apk : Best Carrom Board & Pool Game.


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