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Mod Piggy Infection for Minecraft PE Apk 🐷🐷🐷 is the new game for Minecraft. We are celebrating that Piggy’s arrival on your smartphone. One random player is given the role of piggy and must turn all survivors into piggies, other than that the game is normal.

✔️ Install and play this mod. This app is an auto-installer very easy to use.
✔ Download free skins: piggy skins, obby pigs skins for Minecraft.
✔ Based in the roblocks game. Minecraft PE is required to play this mod.

How to play Piggy Infection Mod for Minecraft?
This mode plays out like Player, however, when the selected Piggy kills a survivor, said survivor will also become a Piggy. They must work together and kill all survivors to win the round.

As a Survivor
If escaping a Piggy, try to escape towards a vent. Although you are faster than Piggy, several Piggies can corner you easily if you try to escape normally.
However, if you’re not being chased, check the lower area before jumping, as jumping to your death is not fun.
It’s worth grabbing the Gun/Crossbow (provided one exists) and stocking up on as much Ammo/Carrot as possible, not only to save yourself but others. One person being infected can make/break a game.
This is especially important in the 100 Player Infection Event, as the amount of Piggies grows very rapidly.
You can also stock up items to give to a Friendly NPC so they can stun any of the Piggies.
But you could just get overrun by Piggies if there are too many Piggies, especially on Piggy but it’s 100 Players.
If there are many Piggies and escape seems impossible, do the next best thing: hide somewhere, such as in a vent. Glitching is not encouraged, however.
This is especially important in the 100 Player Infection Event.

As a Piggy

If you’re Piggy, directly search the spawn for players first. There could be a chance you could find one.
Try and get the laggy people first, as they tend to be slower than Piggy.
Try to infect the people who are not hiding first, and if there are no people in the vents, block the entrance.
Like in a normal round of Piggy, if they manage to get away, take the nearest shortcut.
As Piggy, you don’t have traps. However, you should try getting players stuck in an area where you and another Piggy and come from both sides and catch them.

ℹ️ Disclaimer
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