Spritester Pixelator Paid Apk : Pixel Art Generator

PRO Version has the following bonus features:
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May 20, 2020
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Spritester Pixelator Paid Apk : Pixel Art Generator Download For Android


Spritester Pixelator Paid Apk Version has the following bonus features:

* New look and updated visuals
* Updated pixel art generation features
* Finer slider controls
* Specify exact values (without using the slider controls)
* New grid lines option
* Export at BIG resolutions in addition to original sizes
* Help a solo, indie developer create more awesome free apps!

Generate eye-catching pixel art sprites in “8bit” style by pixelating your images!

Create pixel art style selfies through pixelation tools
Prototype video or other game art and placeholders
Produce detailed sprite frames
Generate pixel art for all creative purposes
Rapidly share all your creations
Save with original or HUGE sizes (resolution)

*Intelligent. The adaptive palette algorithms minimize color counts while retaining image integrity; nimbly manipulate palette color counts from 2 to 256 colors per image or photograph
*Fast! View the results of all your choices in Real Time!
*Customizable! Filter processing pipeline settings provide full control at every step of conversion from original to pixelated image
*Pop! Highlight and emphasize key image features while blending and combining less important details

Some ways to customize your pixel art:


Adjust total number of colors within the sprite from 2 to 256 colors while maintaining transparency.

Smart algorithm astutely applies filters and matches appropriate colors to the pixelated image regardless of how low you choose to set the palette color count

Pixel Size:

Spritester Pixelator Paid Apk optimizes image resolution/dimensions to maintain aspect ratios and keep pixels perfect and crisp


Up to 10x Super Sampling to soften edges and blend features

Saturation Shift:

Finely tune color saturation to make your pixel art pop. Go for an understated look or make it bright and tasty.


Manipulate contrast to bring out important details in the image


Change the mood of your art though changes in illumination

Outline edges:

Create outlines around your sprites (for images with transparency) for that true spritey feel

Spritester maintains and saves the state of your sprite at all times. No loss of work or data when you leave the app! You’ll love this pixelator!

Process and convert many very popular, and even brand-spanking-new, image formats:
-Bitmap (.bmp) – [8, 16, 24, and 32bit; any encoding]
-Gif (.gif) – [8bit or full color. Transparency. Processes the first frame of animations]
-Png (.png) – [Full color and transparency]
-Jpeg/jpg (.jpeg/.jpg) – [All]
-Webp – [Process the first frame of animations]
-Heif (.heic, heif) – [Available in Android 8.0+ on some devices. Convert the first frame of animations.]

Simple, streamlined export (save) process:
Choose the resulting file size by slider
Maintain aspect ratio and pixel perfection – no distortions, anti-aliasing, noise or artifacts
Specify the filename and automatically save as PNG
Files are automatically added to your Gallery
Share your pixel art and sprites through your favorite sharing app

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What's new

New Features!
Pan/Zoom on preview image
Quick open button

Updated pixelization Machine Learning models = smarter sampling
Removed Internet Permission
Added button to make opening images easier
Pan/Zoom tutorial

Grid rendering and alignment