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Download Artificial Awakening Apk for Android. In Artificial Awakening Apk, you, the scientist's son, find yourself waking up in a hospital bed.
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Nov 29, 2023
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Download Artificial Awakening Apk for Android. In the realm of scientific discovery, the thin line between genius and hubris can often blur. This was the case for the protagonist’s father, a genius scientist, who, in his pursuit of knowledge and innovation, faced the catastrophic consequences of a failed experiment. Was it his hubris that led him down this path? The question looms large, but those who could provide answers are no longer around.

Awakening in a World of Confusion

In Artificial Awakening Apk, you, the scientist’s son, find yourself waking up in a hospital bed. Your mind is clouded with confusion, and you grapple with a profound existential question – who are you? Memories, both familiar and strange, flood your mind, creating a cobweb of thoughts that are hard to decipher.

A Body and Its Memories

You have memories from both your father and yourself, creating a dichotomy that is hard to reconcile. The body you inhabit feels alien, leading you to question if it truly belongs to you. Which of these memories are genuinely your own, and which ones belonged to your father? The lines between the past, present, and your true identity begin to blur.

The Unraveling of Forgotten Memories

As you navigate through this maze of confusion, there are many things you can’t remember. Yet, intriguingly, there are also instances where forgotten memories start to resurface. Each memory, each moment of realization, feels like a piece of a puzzle, hinting at a larger, more intricate picture.

Seeking Answers to Unresolved Questions

Is there something more to all of this? The question resonates in your mind as you embark on a journey to unravel the mysteries of your identity, your father’s experiment, and the true consequences of his scientific hubris. The answers lie hidden within your memories and the remnants of your father’s work, waiting to be discovered.

In this tale of a failed experiment and a son’s quest for answers, the boundaries between identity, memory, and reality are pushed to their limits. What remains to be seen is how this journey will shape the protagonist’s understanding of himself and the world around him.

What's new

  • 8 New Events
  • 6 new animations
  • Added a textbox opacity slider in the settings.
  • Added option to add a white drop shadow on the name in renpy.
  • Redone the animations at the beginning of the story. Your game won’t lag when loading starter animations anymore.
  • Added trackers with characters like Kissed, virginity, etc
  • Patron-exclusive content for the game has been added.
  • Big changes in the affection system. More Interactions were added with it.
  • Changes in Harumi’s face