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Download Spatial Touch Apk for Android. Spatial Touch Mod Apk brings this futuristic concept to life with its AI-powered hand gesture remote control technology.
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Feb 26, 2024
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Download Spatial Touch Apk for Android. Imagine navigating your favorite media apps without ever having to touch your device’s screen. Spatial Touch Mod Apk brings this futuristic concept to life with its AI-powered hand gesture remote control technology. Spatial Touch Pro Apk is an AI-based hand gesture remote controller that allows you to control your device without even touching the screen. It allows for seamless control of various media platforms such as YouTube, Shorts, Netflix, Disney Plus, Instagram, Reels, and TikTok, with more integrations on the horizon.

Seamless Media Control at Your Fingertips

Effortless Device Management

Whether your device is propped up while you relax, your hands are preoccupied with household tasks, or you’re enjoying a meal, Spatial Touch Premium Apk provides a hassle-free way to manage your media without dirtying your screen. With a simple download, you can begin experiencing the cutting-edge capabilities of the app.

Innovations in Air Gesture Technology

Spatial Touch Pro Apk introduces air gestures as a core feature, enabling you to play, pause, control volume, navigate, and scroll through content with just a wave of your hand.

Distance is No Barrier

This remarkable app lets you interact with your device from up to two meters away. It’s designed to work flawlessly in a variety of settings and body positions, offering complete remote control.

Advanced Gesture Recognition

To reduce unintended gesture recognition, Spatial Touch™ employs sophisticated hand filters. Adjust the sensitivity to your preference for an effortless or more precise experience.

User-Friendly Operations

Automatic Activation

Once installed, Spatial Touch Mod Apk doesn’t require a manual start. It activates automatically when you open any supported app like YouTube or Netflix and operates quietly in the background.

Privacy and Security

Using your device’s camera, Spatial Touch Pro Apk ensures your privacy by not storing or transmitting any visual data outside your device. The camera is only engaged when supported apps are in use, safeguarding your security.

Compatibility and Supported Apps

Spatial Touch™ is compatible with leading video and music streaming services, along with popular social media platforms. As it evolves, expect to see an expanding list of supported applications.

Mastering Spatial Touch Mod APK: Key Functions Explained

Simple Gestures for Complex Commands

  • Single Tap: Play or pause videos, bypass ads, or move to the next piece of content with a single tap gesture.
  • Horizontal Drag: Fast forward or rewind your videos with a simple left or right hand drag.
  • Vertical Drag: Adjust the volume by dragging your hand up or down in the air.
  • Dual Finger Tap: Enter or exit full-screen mode and cycle through videos with a two-finger tap.

Advanced Navigation

  • Two Finger Horizontal Swipe: Scroll through content or switch between videos with a two-finger swipe left or right.
  • Two Finger Vertical Swipe: Navigate up or down through your feed or a page with a two-finger swipe in the desired direction.

Pro Version Perks

  • Pointer Feature: Activate an on-screen cursor to click buttons, enhancing your control over the device’s interface.

Spatial Touch™ is transforming the way we interact with our devices, offering an intuitive, touchless control system that’s perfect for the modern user. Embrace the convenience of this revolutionary technology and take your media consumption to the next level.

Final Words:

Spatial Touch Apk revolutionizes the way we interact with our devices. With its AI-based hand gesture remote control technology, you can effortlessly control your tablet or smartphone without even touching the screen. Whether you’re relaxing, multitasking, or simply prefer a touchless experience, Spatial Touch Mod Apk is the perfect solution. Download the app today and experience the future of device control.


What's new

- Bug fixes and stability improvements
- Added scenario for using external apps during tutorial